UMaine to Receive $20M Fed Grant for Aquaculture 

The University of Maine is getting major federal funding to further aquaculture in our state.

The National Science Foundation awarded the school $20 million to help create the Sustainable Ecological Aquaculture Network–or SEANET–which will analyze and explore the impacts of coastal resources.

Officials at the aquaculture center say much of the money will go towards hiring more researchers to investigate how aquaculture can be expanded in Maine safely and responsibly.

They say doing this is crucial to the economy of a state where industry is so reliant on natural resources.

“Aquaculture, of course, is the culturing of animals and plants and organisms in water. And this grant is primarily focused on marine aquaculture, so coastal aquaculture. So the University of Maine’s research, along with our partners, will help us to understand how aquaculture can commingle with all the other uses that are happening along our coast,” said Paul Anderson, director of the UMaine Aquaculture Research Institute.

UMaine will have several partners in this five-year endeavor, including the University of New England.