Plane Carrying 2nd Ebola Patient Stops in BGR 

For the second time in the last 4 days a plane carrying a US aid worker sick with the deadly Ebola virus landed at Bangor International Airport.

“From our perspective it was very routine it was you know an international flight clearing customs and taking minimal services then continuing on,” says Airport Director Tony Caruso.

Caruso tells us they got about 24 hours notice about the medical transport flights coming in. Tuesday, a Gulfstream III, a specially equipped air ambulance carried 59-year-old Nancy Writebol, a worker with Samaritan’s Purse in Liberia.

The Director of the Maine CDC, Dr. Sheila PinetteĀ told reportersĀ there’s nothing for Mainers to worry about.

The plane touched down in Bangor for only about 30 minutes to refuel and undergo a routine customs inspection before continuing onto Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. Caruso says they focus on things running safely and efficiently.

“You might only see one or two individuals at the aircraft but there’s much more that goes on sort of behind the scenes.”

If anything unplanned were to happen for the medical transport flights, Caruso says the airport is prepared, and federal agencies would take the lead.

“The airport does have a quarantined area but it’s within a sterile secure area here at the airfield,” Caruso said.

Bangor’s airport is a frequent stop for transatlantic medical and military flights due to its geographical location. Writebol will join the other Ebola patient, Dr. Kent Brantly who touched down in Bangor Saturday, in one of the nation’s top isolation treatment centers.