Carmel Leaders Discuss Possibly Outsourcing Ambulance Service 

Leaders in Carmel are considering changes to the town’s fire and rescue department.

The Board of Selectmen met Monday to discuss possibly outsourcing ambulance services to another town, as a way to save money.

The suggestion was made at a meeting last week.

First responders and their families say that could put lives in jeopardy.

At the same time, town officials are thinking about funding EMS training for firefighters.

“That would be a really big benefit to the town,” said Suzan Rudnicki, Carmel’s Board of Selectman Chair.

Firefighter Jason Urquhart said service should stay the same. “We usually have a pretty good response time,” he said.

“I cannot see us not having an ambulance in town,” said another selectman.

Keith Rodgers in an emergency responder. He told the board, “There was a baby; 29 days old about a month ago, stopped breathing at a residence. We got there and because of our quick actions, and the actions of us getting to Eastern Maine, that baby survived.”

The board is also looking at hiring a full-time Fire Chief who would serve the town as an EMT as well

Former fire Chief Mike Azevedo was relieved of his duties last month for reasons that were not made public.

Municipal officials plan to meet with fire and rescue leaders Tuesday.

They’ll decide if a special town meeting will be scheduled.