Police Called To Glenburn Home Early Monday 

Messages left on an answering machine caused concern for people who arrived to work Monday at a Bangor area business.

Words were left that made them worry about the safety of a co-worker.

So police were called in.

“They had distressful messages left on the machine and then when they contacted her, they had brief conversations or brief contact with her that led them to believe that she was in some type of serious distress,” said Penobscot County Chief Deputy Troy Morton. “Which alerted us all and brought a little more attention to the situation.”

Penobscot County Sheriff Deputies and Maine State Police Troopers wearing protective vests went to the home on Manansis View in Glenburn.

“There was protection orders in effect from the past so we had to take all precautions to make sure that she and her family were safe,” said Morton. “We quickly checked the home that we were concerned about where the lady lived, we spoke to neighbors in the area and evacuated them and started the investigation right from there, we didn’t have to make entry into the home, our investigation quickly led us to locating this lady in Houlton.”

Her estranged husband is away on vacation and was not at the home, and their kids were not home either. According to Morton the woman was found by contacting police in Aroostook County. “She did have an encounter with the U.S. Border Patrol and we know she is in police custody in Houlton.”

Chief Deputy Morton said the co workers did the right thing by calling police. “Our investigation here is concluded, we sent our information and contacted with the border patrol and the Aroostook County Jail, and there is no more investigation here needed.”

No names were released.