Republican Party Vice-Chairman’s Ex-Husband Pleads Not Guilty

Updated 6 months ago


The ex-husband of Maine’s Republican party vice-chairwoman pled not guilty Wednesday to charges he threatened her, her boyfriend and one of her children with a loaded gun.

Police say Wilfred Morissette was intoxicated when he pulled a weapon on Susan Morissette outside of her Winslow home. The couple divorced in 2012.

Morissette faces three counts of aggravated reckless conduct, two counts of domestic violence criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon and one count of criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon.

  • Chimesin

    What does her political affiliation have to do with this, other than fulfill the media’s bias against conservatives?

    • Jacob Williams

      Given that every media site is exploiting the politics, I imagine that your comment is a beacon of the truth and hope that some people don’t see everything as a political game to the victims family. Thanks.

    • ironman2819

      Not a bias… just a continuing observation of their hypocrisy, idiocracy and total lack of self control. When you have so many different examples, it moves way past bias and straight into stereotype!

    • Glen Ebert

      What you object to is reporting like southern bigots did when the media reported on bombings and murders by them in the civil rights error. How else would you refer to her? She’s not known for anything else unless your a political junky which I am and l’ve never heard of her before either.
      One final thing. We had real news in those days from real journalist. The country was better informed
      then and the public interest was served. You can’t say that today.
      I’m lucky in that I’ve lived long enough to see some of the biggest crooks in action. They can’t hide it.
      Poison flows out of their mouths like a river.
      When we heard “new world order” we knew what that was and it didn’t sound any better the second time around. A failed policy offered again, though repackaged shows a lack of ideas and no vision.
      Yeah, yeah I know you did say any of this. You was just heading this way.
      Next time you got something to say use your real name. It makes a better impression that way.

      • Chimesin

        I’m glad you trust your government enough to use your real name. Given the targeting of certain people and groups, I prefer to remain under the radar.

      • loco electro

        Hey you worthless jerked, this is in response to your idiotic comment to me on KSAT, the one that got moderated. The 2nd amendment guarantees me the INDIVIDUAL right to keep and bear arms. That has been confirmed in multiple court cases including by the SCOTUS. I, as a U S citizen, AM equal to those in the military that you referred to. How dare you attempt to deny my constitutional rights to keep and bear arms as an individual, as a private citizen!