Bangor Used Car Dealer Banned From Doing Business For 7 Years

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 6 months ago

A Bangor used car dealer accused of unfair and deceptive trade practices has been banned from doing business for 7 years.

That decision made by the Attorney General’s Office.

Under terms of a proposed consent judgment, Glenn Geiser and his dealerships, “My Maine Ride” formally “Bumper2Bumper,” will be out of business until 2021.

Additionally, some consumers will be eligible for partial restitution for repair costs and may be eligible for forgiveness of loan balances on repossessed cars.

The office filed a complaint in February alleging Geiser targeted consumers with poor credit, pressured them to buy cars that are not road worthy, then not respond to customer complaints.

Geiser entered a no contest plea earlier this year to 28 counts of using counterfeit inspection stickers and paid a $7,000 fine.

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  • Margo Belanger

    its about time !!!!!

  • Bobbi Lee Daggett

    Too bad that, I had bought a lemon from Glenn as well..they charged so much interest on those cars that a rich guy couldn’t afford it either! He is getting what he deserves..Karma! I bet now he won’t be making jokes & laughing it up on those annoying commercials anymore either! Yay!

  • asdf

    Where is the “LIKE” button? Hahaha

  • guest

    Some one said he got his girlfriend to open up in her name