Bangor Man Arrested For Domestic Violence Criminal Threatening, Cruelty To Animals

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 6 months ago

A Bangor man is charged with domestic violence criminal threatening and cruelty to animals.

31-year-old Antonio Gordon is also charged with obstructing reporting of a crime.

Police say when they responded to a report of a family fight at a home on Hancock Street Wednesday, Gordon was with the female victim.

Before authorities arrived, police say he placed a bureau in front of her door, so she would not return to the same room as him.

When she told another person at the home about the incident, he called her several names and made motions that he was going to hit her.

Then, when her dog started barking, he picked it up, choked and punched it before throwing it over a balcony.

He also threw the victim’s cell phone off the balcony.

The dog was not seriously injured.

Gordon was transported to the Penobscot County Jail.

Gordon, Antonio 7-31-14
  • Guest

    The courts are too easy on these troubled men. Police also should be trained to recognize abuse by proxy. Charges of violence should never be reduced to criminal mischief or some lesser charge. These ‘men’ should be required to obtain mental evaluation. They can be deadly and snap like a light-switch. Don’t judge me. I will simply say, never again.

  • Zengei12

    To the same room as him???????

  • Zengei12

    Cell phone of the balcony?????

  • polly

    People of your kind arn”t welcome in bangor I hope someone does the same to u picking on a dog u are a f÷×=% $&^€£¥₩)(*?&b$#@/^_%=÷÷+ jerk karma will pervail

  • Laura Lyons

    This is a lie! The dog was never thrown! I myself held the dog that day and the dog was fine, think about it if a little dog was to be thrown off a two story balcony on Hancock street the dog would have landed in the river! Antonio is my very good friend, this is a man that i have invited into my family,he is a loving caring man that got into a argument with his girlfriend and it got thrown into this big deal! I’m hoping when this all thrown out the papers will report it!!