Touring Performance Group Shows Appreciation For Veterans in Bangor 

A touring performance group stopped in Bangor Wednesday to show veterans their appreciation.

“Re-Creation” has been traveling to veterans medical centers and state veterans homes around the country for decades.

The nine performers meet with the veterans and then put on a variety show, which includes music from all time periods and 100 costume changes. All to recreate eras veterans of all ages will remember.

None of the performers get paid. They volunteer for a year at a time to show veterans how much they appreciate their service.

“As we’ve been traveling a lot of times, we’ll run into veterans that feel there are people in the country that have forgotten them and put them aside and I think that’s completely unacceptable and it’s important to go out and remind them they are appreciated and we’re grateful for their sacrifice,” Re-Creation Tour Manager Andrew Reich.

Re-Creation performed in Bangor after just recently making stops in Caribou and Machias.

They will perform Thursday at Togus in Augusta at 2 pm. They welcome all veterans there and any of their visitors to stop by for the show.