Psychological Evaluation For Unity Man Accused of Threatening to Kill His Family With Knife

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 6 months ago

A Unity man accused of threatening to kill his family with a knife will undergo a psychological evaluation.

A judge granted that motion Wednesday from the attorney for 40-year-old Mark Dodge.

According to court documents, Dodge was highly intoxicated in May when he broke holes in walls and threatened his family.

It says he told his wife and kids that no one would leave the home alive, and asked one of the victims to pick which child he should kill first.

Dodge is charged with four counts of domestic violence criminal threatening.


Dodge, Mark7-30-14
  • gldschick

    I hope that family seeks out knowledge in the way of home and self protection- if he decides to walk through a potential restraining order or the like, there’s every implication it will end very badly for everyone. Lock doors! Windows! Garages! Call 911 at the first iota of a sign something is wrong! Be pro-active of protecting the family! Keep anything handy for self defense, bedside especially. Have a safe place in the house to go if need be, barriers between family and forced entry. An extra charged cell phone, even with no plan, will call 911. Please be proactive in self (and child) preservation!!

  • missgrundy

    This could lead to a family murder like the one in Dexter. I agree with gldschick, but they should get a gun too. I hate guns, but murder is worse.