Milo-Brownville Kiwanis Opens New Building 

The Three Rivers Kiwanis Club of Milo and Brownville set themselves apart from other clubs as they officially opened their new home after years of work, Wednesday.

“I mean I have goose bumps, it’s ecstatic it really is,” says Brenda Kelley, VP of the club.

“Extremely proud and can’t say enough about or recent benefactors Tom and Nancy Harrigan,” says Eben DeWitt, a 15 year Kiwanian.

The Harrigan’s made the $300,000 building a reality, and outfitted it with an auction space, outdoor lighting and fans, and a food service window. Why they did it is simple, the Florida natives say.

“They do so much for children and children are everything, they are our future.”

The permanent site speaks clearly to the community.

“The message is we’re here to stay, and we’re here to help,” says Kelley.

While the facility will be maintained by the club and bear the Kiwanis name, members say they hope it becomes a meeting place for the entire community.

“We will rent this facility for community functions,” says David Pullen, club president.

“Weddings, graduation parties, all kinds of things, it’s going to bring the community together,” explained Kelley.

And the generosity of one couple doesn’t set them apart, but makes them a true part of this close-knit town.

“Wherever we live we identify with and this is the last place were going to live I think, and we’re going to do everything we can to help this community,” says Tom Harrigan.

The new facility is already helping– fees from renting it out will benefit the Kiwanis charities.