Maine Lobster Festival Kicks Off in Rockland 

Every year, the Maine Lobster Festival attracts crowds from all over.

“We get people from around the world, but we also get lots of Mainers who come to celebrate summer on the coast,” said Lobster Festival President Chuck Kruger.

What draws these people from near and far?

“The delicious, super-good lobster, and the people, the atmosphere, just everything in general is very positive,” said Daniel Harless of Marietta, Georgia.

Over at the lobster cookers, they’ve got it down to a science.

“We have eight cookers and each cooker can cook 240 pounds of lobster at a time, so in an hour I can cook about a ton and a half of lobster,” said head lobster cook Peter Smith.

Everywhere you go, it’s lobster, lobster, and more lobster – not to mention a tent full of Maine-made crafts, and a midway full of rides-with one particular standout–the ferris wheel.

Over the next five days, organizers expect some 80 thousand people to come through here, and to sell thousands of lobster rolls.

“I always like a lobster roll mostly because I’m too lazy to crack open and do all the things you need to do with lobsters,” said Ylana Krepchin of Somerville, Massachusetts.

Others donned their bibs and went for the real thing.

“Yeah, I got to eat one. It was kind of hard, because I’ve never actually pulled apart a lobster,” said Dillan Koppenhammer of Pennsylvania.

When all is said and done Sunday, some 20-thousand pounds of lobster will be devoured by everyone here. Well, almost everyone.

“I don’t like lobster,” said Anna Cardozo. She may be the only one.

But for the rest, it’s time to kick back, enjoy the view and celebrate Maine’s favorite food.

“Have a gluttonous adventure,” said Suzen Clark of Houston. “Diet later, eat today.”