LePage Calls Riverview Decertification ‘Shameful’

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 6 months ago

Governor LePage is not happy about how the federal government is certifying the state’s mental health institutions.

He says that’s why the state has brought a lawsuit against the feds. LePage claims Maine is treated differently than other states, and wants the rules to be implemented fairly.

“It’s a political year this is an election year, that’s why that’s not certified. It’s shameful it’s disgusting but that’s the facts of life. We’ll win the case and it’ll be re-certified,” LePage said at an event in Milo, Wednesday.

The Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta lost its certification last year and $20 million in federal funding.

  • mike

    Its all Obamas fault,like everything else. I surely hope people will be smart in November and change the federal house to Democratic control,so,we can get our economy going. There is a jobs bill being blocked by Republicans that is sorely needed.

  • Kyle Ness

    That and the roads in maine are horrible!!!!!