Waterville Police Hunt Stabbing Suspect Despite No Cooperation From Victim 

Waterville Police are searching for the person they say stabbed a city man last night. According to a release from the department, the incident happened around 9:00 Monday night. Police Chief Joe Massey says a group of men went to a residence on Carey Lane in the South End of Waterville to confront another man over a “personal dispute.”

“A fight broke out and during the fight, our victim was struck on the head and stabbed,” Massey said.

Police say the victim and other witnesses to the stabbing are being uncooperative which has made the job of identifying the assailant more difficult. Police describe the lack of cooperation from the victim and witnesses as “more than the frustrating.” A powerful thunderstorm that moved through the area also washed away some evidence in the case but police say they did recover the knife used in the stabbing and they also have a suspect in the case. Police are not releasing the name of the suspect in the case at this time.

“We have no reason to believe the public is in any danger from the suspect. We know who he is and we are seeking to locate him to learn his side of the story. If an arrest is made in this case, we will release additional information at that time,” Massey said.

The 24-year-old victim was said to have suffered a critical injury and was rushed to a city hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. His condition is not known at this time.

Any person with information relevant to the case is asked to call the Police Department’s business line at 207-680-4700.