State Police: Saco Family Deaths Quadruple-Murder Suicide

Caitlin Burchill

Updated 6 months ago

State Police say the deaths of a Saco family late Saturday night were a quadruple-murder suicide.

They’re calling it one of the worst cases of domestic violence in state history.

Detectives say Joel Smith, 33, shot his wife Heather Smith, 35, and the couple’s three children Saturday night then killed himself.

The kids were 12, 7 and 4.

Officials say Joel Smith’s body was found with the gun by his side.

There was no suicide note.

Police say they have found no protection from abuse orders or court paperwork on the couple since they moved to Maine from Arizona.

They do say Heather Smith told a family friend the night of the shooting that her husband had threatened suicide earlier in the week by pointing a gun at his head.

Officials say there is no indication any assistance was sought after that incident.

Police say several neighbors told them they heard loud noises late Saturday night, but no one called police.

This is the sixth time since 1941 that four people have been killed in a multiple homicide in Maine.

  • LeftFeather

    Please, anyone reading this story; If ever in your lifetime, you feel the urge to hurt or kill others because things are going very bad…. please let someone know.

    And if things are truly that bad for you, don’t share your demise with anyone else.

    I don’t know if there is anything that can be done to prevent such things from occurring, but it’s so heartbreaking to myself and so many others to experience, hear of, read about or see such things happening. This of course, akin to the tragedy / travesty of one or more lost lives.

    If you need help off that ledge, even a perfect stranger will help you off… especially in one of the most caring and kind places in the world here in Maine.

    If you need help, reach out; Someone will grab your hand.

    • cocopuffed