Bucksport Daycare Remains Closed 

A Bucksport daycare under investigation by the Department of Health and Human Services remains closed.

The operation was ordered to shut its doors for ten days earlier this month for the safety of children….

State officials now say it must stay closed until a hearing next week.

Erin Marshall is co-owner of Little Peoples Daycare in Bucksport says many of the accusations are false.

“I’m hoping to clear my name. I want everybody to know that what I’m being accused of is not the whole truth, that there’s a lot of speculation, everyone has their side,” she said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services said last week the daycare was told to close for ten days because of incidents at Bucksport Municipal Pool where children from the daycare had to be rescued by lifeguards several times.

DHHS is now seeking, through court proceedings, to permanently revoke the daycare’s license.

Marshall has a different story.

“There was a boy that went under the water, but it’s not several boys or several kids that had to be rescued, it was one.”

Marshall says she feels the state has portrayed her as guilty before the investigation is complete.

“Discouraging. I’m very upset. I put my heart and soul into this day care. I started from the ground with nothing. I love children. I have two of my own. I would never jeopardize a child. ¬†They pointed and said you’re guilty before they did their investigation,” said Marshall.

Directors at the Bucksport Municipal Pool told us they weren’t allowed to comment during the investigation.

Marshall says she had 16 kids in her care with a staff of four, but since shutting the daycare’s doors, many of her clients have had to find new facilities.

“When this is over, I hope that myself and Little Peoples Daycare will be a place that people feel comfortable bringing their kids, too.”

While Marshall was hoping to open the daycare again Tuesday, she’ll have to remain closed until a court hearing next week.