Maine Celebrates 25th Annual Open Farm Day 

“Cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, bees, and even a rabbit.”

Those are just a few things people got to enjoy as part of Maine’s 25th Open Farm Day

The doors of nearly 90 Farms across the state were open for families to visit and learn.

“It’s our first year participating.”

That’s Greg Purinton-Brown of Toddy Farm. They’ve got a specialized dairy operation, that produces ice cream, gelato, yogurt and cheese out of sheep and goats milk.

“It’s really one of my first years…”

No matter how long they’ve participated, farmers say the event is a great way to learn where Maine’s food and products come from.

“It’s not Shaws. It’s not Hannaford. It’s people growing the food, putting in the effort everyday to bring it to you.”

Animals and food aren’t the only thing for people to experience. Ellie Richardson has more than a decade of experience working with perennials, she grows and sells more than 600 different types of day lillies.

“It’s disease and insect resistant. It’s drought resistant. When they actually get to be full sized and mature they even keep the weeds from growing underneath them because they shade them.”

Even in it’s 25th year, the popularity of Farm day continues to increase sales and customers at the farms.

“Farm day brings us new business because people like to go out from farm to farm and we’re on the list in Waldo county. ¬†And they come back. So we get new customers that become repeat customers.”

The success of this year has many farmers saying they’ll be back again.

“I think just as my farm grows, and the business grows, we’ll definitely do more of this.”