Family of Five Found Dead In Saco Home 

State police have confirmed that a mother, father and three children were found dead in their Saco apartment Sunday.

According to police, the children were ages 12, 7 and 4, and the man and woman were in their 30s.

State police say all indications are that no one outside the family was responsible for the deaths, adding that a gun was found near one of the bodies.

A neighbor came to check on them at their home on the second floor of a building at Riverview Apartments, located at 35 Water Street.

Police say that upon seeing the bodies, the neighbor notified Saco police, who called in state police.

Police say they believe this is a self-contained crime scene, and say the public is not at risk. Police also added that they’re not expecting to make any arrests in this case.

“He was one of ours and to think that whatever happened needed to happen shouldn’t have because he could have come to any of us,” said Dellas Nason, a neighbor.

“I still just don’t want to believe it. I loved those children like they were my own,” said Heather Nason, who babysat the kids.

A state medical examiner arrived at the scene late Sunday afternoon, and the bodies will be transported to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Augusta overnight for examination. ¬†An autopsy will be performed Monday.