Family of Five Found Dead In Saco Home

Adrienne DiPiazza

Updated 6 months ago

State police have confirmed that a mother, father and three children were found dead in their Saco apartment Sunday.

According to police, the children were ages 12, 7 and 4, and the man and woman were in their 30s.

State police say all indications are that no one outside the family was responsible for the deaths, adding that a gun was found near one of the bodies.

A neighbor came to check on them at their home on the second floor of a building at Riverview Apartments, located at 35 Water Street.

Police say that upon seeing the bodies, the neighbor notified Saco police, who called in state police.

Police say they believe this is a self-contained crime scene, and say the public is not at risk. Police also added that they’re not expecting to make any arrests in this case.

“He was one of ours and to think that whatever happened needed to happen shouldn’t have because he could have come to any of us,” said Dellas Nason, a neighbor.

“I still just don’t want to believe it. I loved those children like they were my own,” said Heather Nason, who babysat the kids.

A state medical examiner arrived at the scene late Sunday afternoon, and the bodies will be transported to the State Medical Examiner’s Office in Augusta overnight for examination. ¬†An autopsy will be performed Monday.


  • CynthiaSpeaks

    When there is a distinct lack of information certain conclusions will always be drawn.

    • Tangible666


      • LeftFeather

        Grow up.

        • Tangible666

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  • Tangible666

    Moar gunz MOAR! ‘MURICA! Dar dur NRA tells me i needz Moar guns soz therez bez no gun deathz. Eyez velievez whatz dey tellz me soz i getz MOAR gunz. 3rd omendment ritez!

    • Tangible666

      Gawd blesz da NRA

      • Pame

        5 people are dead not because of guns, but by the hand of their loved one.. It is truly sad, No law in the land can stop this kind of behavior.. A psychotic/ insane break with reality.

        • Tangible666

          We needz MOAR GUNZ! MOAR! ‘Murica.

        • Tangible666

          “5 people are dead not because of guns,” You must have problems with reading comprehension. Lead poisoning from handling firearms can do that. “…adding that a gun was found near one of the bodies.” MOAR GUNZ MOAR MOOOOOAAAARRRRR!!!!

          • Pame

            Speaking of reading comprehension… A father with a serious problem killed his family, A gun was used we now know a 12 gauge, a gun is as harmless as a hammer until the person using it decides to commit a violent crime.. Both will kill if thats the person intent or is it your belief just guns kill people all by themselves..

          • Tangible666

            Tell us all how a hammer can blow 5 skulls into 1000 pieces in ten seconds. MOAR GUNS LESS SCHOOL MOAR GUNS

    • LeftFeather

      Quit with your fictitious, ghetto slang laced political rant.

      Psychotic lunatics will use any weapon to their disposal; not just guns.

      It’s truly a shame that such a horrendous situation is always made worse by ideologues with nonsensical agendas from people such as yourself.

      • CynthiaSpeaks

        No need to engage stupid people. It’s how they get off.

        • LeftFeather

          Good point!

          I’m just so sick of people using politics as a crutch for everything.

          What happened to being a human being?
          What happened to people caring?
          What happened to people feeling?

          It’s a sad & disturbing fact that so many people have traded humanity for talking points. Hate abounds so much anymore these days any time something bad happens.

          People have become so bold in their hypocrisy, they embrace having two faces. They make up fallacious accusations towards others citing some form of hate; whilst acting out their very our hate and disdain.

          Blame never seats where it lies anymore either. How has it come to this that it is acceptable to blame anything and anyone else for dastardly acts rather than the perpetrator? How is this acceptable?

          I digress… I do understand your point though.
          Thank you!

          • CynthiaSpeaks

            I hear you. The Internet has allowed hate to spread while granting people anonymity. People say things online that they wouldn’t dare to say in person. I’m talking about trolls who just stop by random sites and say horrible things. You see it on animal rescue sites all the time. And there’s no point to what they are saying other than to be hateful.

            That said, I heard some newscasters talking about “anonymous tips” last week. The Internet also allows anyone to state things as fact and not cite their sources or quote people directly. Bloggers rarely cite their material, and if they do, often it is referencing another blogger who doesn’t back up their commentary. And Alphabet Media isn’t much better, often quoting ambiguous sources and labeling them as anonymous or confidential. There is very little integrity left in reporting anymore. News has become a Twitter industry. The number of Tweets one gets seems to validate the integrity of the story. It’s crazy.

            I caught two major news sources in abject lies recently and called them out on it. It wasn’t difficult for me to research and ferret out the truth, so clearly they were deliberately disseminating false information. When I called them out on it, my comments were deleted at the news source’s site. So I took to Facebook and was vilified for stating the truth. People even sent me hate mail. It’s ridiculous! Folks have exchanged the truth for a lie and are happy with it.

            Have a great week!

      • Tangible666

        MOAR GUNZ! I needz me sum gunz! MOAR! ‘Murica.