Skies the Limit in Lincoln 

They call it the $100 dollar hamburger, it’s when you hop in your plane and fly it somewhere for lunch.

People were doing that Saturday in Lincoln. The local pilots association hosted a fly-in at the Lincoln airport. The  town purchased the land around the airport a few years ago using matching grant funds from the federal government.

It’s one of a few small towns with an airport, and it has all kinds of amenities for pilots. They’ve got a large runway and space for water landing planes.

Saturday planes and air enthusiasts flew in from all over the place.

“It’s just to enhance the local aviation, attract more people into the area there’s a lot of Aviation Enthusiasts here. We have about 35 aircraft based here in Lincoln,” said Keith Strange, President of LAOPA.

Strange says they want to use the airport to attract more people to Lincoln and help out the economy.

He also says everyone in town is welcome to come check the airport out.