Bangor’s ‘Passive House’ has Big Impact on Energy-Efficiency 

From the street – this may just look like a normal house.

“Passive house, super-insulated house it goes by many names but basically what you’re looking at is a house that creates a situation where you pay very little for heating and cooling,” explains David Kelly. “It’s super quiet inside, great lighting.  The big idea is building a better envelope.”

This home, designed by Bangor EcoHomes, is built on an insulated slab. This, plus other home details, helps moderate temperature throughout the day.

“There are three in some ways four major factors to a super energy efficient house,” Kelly says.  Lots of insulation, good thermal mass good windows and air sealant.”

As the project manager, Kelly says insulation is the way to go for energy efficiency and he can prove it. This winter, he said they could use a small 1500-watt heater to keep the entire house warm. That’s the same amount of energy as a hand-held blow dryer.

“It’s so well insulated that it holds on to the heat.  We spend so much energy and so much time burning oil using electricity and were doing that before putting that extra but of every up front to our walls to hold onto it. ”

Kelly says the passive house is more expensive at first – but it will save you money in the long run.

“This house is fifteen-hundred square foot.  You’re looking at $250 to $300 for cooling over the entire year compared to, my guess is fifteen-hundreds square foot at best $1,000.”

This is one of six houses Bangor EcoHomes is building around the city. They hope it serves as a model.

“It doesn’t need to look a whole lot weirder than a normal house it can feel and look the same or better than a normal house but providing that much more comfort.”

For more information, or to look into taking a tour, check out the Bangor EcoHomes website, or visit them on Facebook.