West Forks Couple Celebrating Their 70th Anniversary 

Ever wonder what the key to a long and happy marriage is? I went searching for the answer and found the perfect couple to ask.

The year was 1944. Bing Crosby had the number one song in the country. Casablanca took home the Oscar for Best Picture and Rachel and Clarence Livingston were married.

“July 22, 1944. Leap year,” Rachel Livingston said when I asked her when they were married.

The couple first met when they were in junior high school in Oakland back in the 1930’s. Despite the fact they were in two separate classrooms, it’s safe to say Clarence was smitten.

“I used to be naughty a lot of times just to get out in the halls so she’s see me. When she’d get out in the hall she’d see me,” Clarence recalls with a big smile on his face.

Over the next seven decades the Livingston’s have taken on the highest of highs and the lowest of lows as a team, rarely straying from each other’s side.

“We just did things together. We fished together, hunted together, climbed mountains together. Snowmobiled together.”
They’ve spent the past 48 years living in the West Forks, where they’ve had four children. Clarence, a veteran of the U.S. Navy, has worked as a woodsman, a linesman for CMP and a Maine hunting and fishing guide. In fact, he claims to know all the hot fishing spots around the Forks but that information remains classified unless you’re family. After spending part of the day with them, there was one thing I had to ask a couple who’s managed to stay happily married for 70-years.

“I just celebrated my second wedding anniversary. What’s the key for me to keep going and get to 70 like you guys?”

“Give a little. And take a little too,” Rachel said.

“Always kiss and make up before you go to bed,” added Clarence.

Tuesday, the couple plans to spend their anniversary with family who is visiting from England.