Danforth Man Accused of Raping 13-Year-Old; Getting Her Pregnant

Catherine Pegram

Updated 7 months ago


A man from Danforth is accused of raping a 13-year-old girl and getting her pregnant.

35-year-old Charles Hoyt was indicted recently by the Washington County grand jury.

He’s charged with five counts of gross sexual assault.

The charges stem from the fall of 2012.

Prosecutors say Hoyt abused the girl for about six months.

We’re told he was convicted in 1999 of sexual misconduct with a niece.

Hoyt remains in the Washington County jail.

  • disqus_yyGoeZ34oS

    Danforth again?

    • Holly

      Don’t judge all Danforth people by the actions of these low lives. I’m sure what ever town your from there’s low lifes there to they just haven’t been caught yet

      • CommieHippieLefty

        I’m sure there are many fine people in Danforth….

      • disqus_yyGoeZ34oS

        Oh I’m not judging. I’m surprised at how much is in my old hometown.

      • disqus_yyGoeZ34oS

        I’m alarmed. That is my hometown.

      • Craig Nelson

        this is not a “Danforth Problem” this is a global problem.

  • tiredtaxpayerinmaine

    He never would have made it to a lineup if that was my daughter!

    • CommieHippieLefty

      I’m with ya on that…The only way to cure a pedophile is execution…

    • Indigenous_Woman

      Damned right on that one. There may be alot of holes in the dessert. But there are ALOT of woods in the County and ocean on the coast of Maine. If that were my daughter, he’d have taken a trip to visit the County AND the ocean!

      • Craig Nelson

        kind of easy to say not so easy to do when he was hiding on the West Coast.

  • Tim Cropley

    Why is he not buried in the woods somewhere. Y’all have plenty of places to hide a body.

    • CommieHippieLefty

      Actually find a pig farmer and slip him a few hundred….tell him not to feed the pigs for a day or two before you get there….

      • Carmelia Nightengale

        pigs hold dna and they also dont digest teeth.

  • Anthony

    He’s from Danforth, big surprise?

    • Danforth Girl

      I am from Danforth so if this is a comment to put down my town then maybe you need a Danforth smack down… so if you are not a coward say who you really are…

    • Craig Nelson

      He is originally from Canada, or some part of Maine, and he moved to New York. When he moved here they notified Washington County to make them aware of his charges. He had CPS, DSS, and all kinds of services involved because of a report made by a worker who had visited him and my ex at their place. When this came up they ran back to Maine to his with his mother. He then went back out working as a truck driver. When he came back they caught up to him.

  • Justin Jacobs

    What a surprise a repeat offender

  • iwundr

    What did he get for his first crime against a member of his family? Obviously not enough time. Release and repeat. Another child permanently damaged.

    • Craig Nelson

      he did not do any time for the first offense because his family refused to pursue charges and tried to keep it quiet.

      • iwundr

        The paper stated that he was convicted of sexual misconduct involving a niece in 1999. I hope that her mother/your former wife no longer has custody of her. I’m thinking cross country trips in trailer trucks are usually about two weeks and involve living in very close quarters. Certainly not a situation this 13 yr. old should have been put in; especially where he was not a relative, had known accusations made against him; most companies would frown on a child being their truck and it is not a safe place for her to have been. This is one instance where if it had been known in time that an abortion would have been something that I would have considered. Did they not know right away or did she hide it? He looks like a moron. It does seem that these things happen frequently when the offender is of less than average IQ.

  • Craig Nelson

    Please take a minute to realize the facts and the circumstances of the case. The 13yr old who was raped was MY daughter, and her mother is just as much to blame. Who sends their daughter or any child for that matter across the United States in a tractor trailer? She knew that he had a prior conviction for doing this and she still sent her with him for two weeks! I live in New York and I was completely unaware of anything that was happening to my daughter. I got a call one morning from DHHS, as its called in Danforth, and they told me that they did a DNA test on the child she recently gave birth to, and it was his! By the time they learned of all of this, he was on the west coast hiding. He deleted all of his social media accounts, his phone, and any connection to him. I would love to be the one to serve him justice, he is lucky that they got him first.

  • Mark Ledingham

    castration is the answer just give them a plastic tube to pee through and he will never touch anyone again and if everyone knew that was the punishment for these types of crimes it would stop!