Opening Statements Heard in Camden Attempted Murder Case 

The trial began Tuesday for the Rockland man accused of hitting his wife with a rock and pushing her off a cliff in 2011.

Charles Black, now seventy one, is charged with attempted murder and assault.

In opening statements the state says Lisa black, now divorced from her husband, will tell of what happened on top of maiden cliff in Camden.

The defense says it’s important to hear the rest of the story, asserting the evidence doesn’t match up with Lisa black’s account of what happened.

The state says his account doesn’t match up either.

“And again I remember being up there, I remember collecting the rocks and I remember falling down the hill so that was his explanation of the events of that day which was no explanation at all, a gap, complete gap in memory,” said Geoff Rushlaw, District Attorney.

“You will decide that he is guilty of attempted murder elevated aggravated assault and aggravated assault for his actions on April 7th of 2011,” said Geoff Rushlaw, District Attorney.

“What you’ll find in this case when you hear the rest of the story is that you go through the evidence and you hear the other parts of it and what you have to conclude is that it didn’t happen the way Lisa black said it did at all, in fact it could not have happened the way Lisa black said it happened that day,” said Walter Mckee, Defense Attorney.

The two women who found Lisa on the side of the road testified Tuesday, both saying she feared her husband was trying to kill her.

First responders called to the stand spoke to Mrs. and Mr. Blacks medical condition on that day.

The trial continues Wednesday morning.