Four People Under Arrest in Phillips Meth Lab Bust 

Phillips Meth Lab-1


Four people are under arrest after a meth lab bust in Phillips.

Authorities say it was first uncovered Monday night when a Franklin County detective pulled over 39-year-old Jason Fowler of Chesterville.

25-year-old Kimberly Webber of Vienna was his passenger.

Authorities say they found meth making equipment in the back seat of their jeep.

That evidence lead them to a house on Rangeley Road.

Two more people were also arrested – the homeowner, 45-year-old Michael Halle of Phillips, and his girlfriend, 42-year-old Erin Smith of Florida.

Investigators are combing the jeep and the house for more evidence.

All four suspects are charged with trafficking in methamphetamine and are due in court Wednesday.

(Photos: Jason Fowler, Michael Halle, Erin Smith, Kimberly Webber)

Phillips Meth Lab-2Fowler, Jason 7-15-14Halle, Michael 7-15-14 Smith, Erin 7-15-14 Webber, Kimberly 7-15-14