Central Maine Egg Festival Begins In Pittsfield 

The 42nd Central Maine Egg Festival arrived in Pittsfield Monday.

It’s a week of music, parades, food and fun, which comes earlier in July this year, according to the President of the Central Maine Egg Festival, Steve McCarron. “Years in the past, it’s always pretty much landed on the 4th week of July, due to the carnival, the way it’s schedule is, six weeks back from Labor Day, so that’s a good way to tell tale when the Egg Festival will be.”

The egglympics, window painting on Main Street, a street dance, and a fly-in are among the events planned according to McCarron “The theme this year is egg-wareness, support your favorite cause, so it’s a great chance to get out and express your concerns or to support your cause. We encourage everybody to participate. The Grand Marshal this year is just going to be a banner and people that want to walk to support their cause can do so and wear their colors or however they see fit.”

The Kiwanis Carnival starts Thursday evening in Manson Park. Some of the organizers, like Kiwanis member Steve Cianchette, remember when they took part when they were kids. “I remember coming down, actually it was on Main Street, they closed off Main Street when I was a young fella, and I can remember going and running back. I lived up the road and I’d run back with glass for the glass pitch that Bill Varney had made, and we still use that today, and that was just fond memories as a kid of just running home with stuff that I won at the carnival.”

The six day event brings a lot of people to Pittsfield, and it also raises a lot of money which is put to use by the Kiwanis for things like sponsoring key clubs at MCI and Nokomis High Schools. “We give nice scholarships away, a bunch of money that goes back, all the money that is raised here goes right back into the community,” said Cianchette.

“Our goal for this week” said McCarron is for the non-profits to have a successful fund raiser and in the meantime make sure the kids in the area have a relatively inexpensive, fun week.”

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