Trooper Injured by Moose While Driving to Moose Crash

Joy Hollowell

Updated 7 months ago

A State Police trooper responding to a car-moose crash ended up colliding with a moose himself late Tuesday night.

Trooper Dennis Quint was on Route one in Cyr Plantation, heading north on a call about a car crash involving a moose in the area.

He told authorities a moose crossed the road in front of his cruiser and he was unable to avoid the animal.

Trooper Quint was taken to the hospital with cuts to his head. He has since been released.

  • animummy

    Im so happy to hear the trooper did not suffer more serious injuries. God Bless,and speedy healing.

  • consider this

    who got the meat? i would hope friends of both incidence was quick on their toes and not lose what stopped them. if it damaged their car and that lovely deductible, the meat compensates for a bit of the loss. call the warden, get the tag, find your ”knife” and get that meat. enjoy

  • winchesterwoman

    I hope Sammy is okay!!!!