Bangor Beer Brewing Company to Expand Brewing to Brewer 

A popular Bangor brewery will now be brewing beer in Brewer.

Geaghan Bros. Brewing Co. is expanding its production across the river.

They have been brewing beer in Bangor for three years, but the owner says it’s been hard to keep up with demand.

By leasing a new warehouse in Brewer, they’ll be able to put in a larger brewhouse to serve more people.

“As Bangor continues to grow and more and more events happen and business keeps growing for just about everybody on Main Street, what we’re doing over there, we’re just keeping up, we have a little bit of beer to selected accounts, but not a lot, it’s been a really long hard process just to keep up over there. This is going to open up the door to new opportunities for us,” said owner and brewer Andrew Geaghan.

Geaghan’s brews about 600 barrels a year in the Bangor facility.

With the addition of the Brewer brewhouse, they will be able to pump out about 3,000 more barrels.

Geaghan’s hopes to be fully operational in Brewer by early next year.

They’ve signed a contract with Maine Distributors so Geaghan’s craft beers will be served in bars and stores around Maine.