Training Service Teaches Dogs to Strengthen Sense of Smell 

Domesticated dogs can learn how to find items, just like police K9’s, with a little bit of training, of course.

Paws Down Training Service offered a “Nose Work” class at the Brewer Public Library Monday.

A pack of dogs are learning how to find items by scent.

The Holden business is trying to teach pet owners how to read and communicate with their animals through body language.

The owners say games like hide and seek with certain objects helps pets stay mentally sharp.

Diane Cunningham, trainer for Paws Down Training Service, said, “Domesticated dogs really don’t use their nose the way that dogs could. It gives the handler or the owner and the dog things to do together. It is a great winter thing when it is too cold to go out and you can do something like this. It is wonderful exercise for the dog.”

Another round of “Nose Work” classes begin early this fall.

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