Skowhegan Family Receives Letter Sent 83 Years Ago 

Talk about getting lost in the mail…

“I have a letter from my aunt that she wrote when she was teaching school for one year in Houlton that she wrote in 1931, but it just got delivered last week,” says Ann MacMichael.

MacMichael says her aunt was writing to her mother, Ann’s grandmother, 83 years ago.

“The very first part I love – it’s just so ironic because she said ‘I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner. I just haven’t gotten to it, but I know you’ve been anxiously waiting for a letter all week’ and here it is 83 years and it’s just being delivered!”

The lost letter finally turned up in Pittsfield and the Post Office eventually tracked down Ann’s brother in Skowhegan.  Both her grandmother and aunt have passed away, but Ann wonders what her grandmother might say if she’d been around to receive this.

“She’d probably say, it’s about time. Why haven’t you written? Why didn’t you write yet? I think she’d get a big kick out of it. I know my aunt would..she’d get a big kick out of it.”

The letter from another lifetime brings fond memories for the MacMichael family.

“It’s been fun.  It’s been fun to read it and reminisce a little bit about her and my grandmother and that side of my family and the memories that they have its kind of like she’s here.”

Ann plans to send this mail to her aunt’s son in Massachusetts.

“I hope you get it! I hope the letter’s not a jinx, but I already copied it and sent a copy, so they know what it says but I don’t know.. maybe I should drive down and give it to them in person!”