Maine DEP Takes Public Comments for Proposed Landfill Locations

Erica Stapleton

Updated 6 months ago

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection fielded comments from the public today regarding proposed sites for a landfill in the Orono/Old Town area

The Municipal Resource Committee says they’re looking at Greenbush and Argyle Township for landfill locations if the current waste management contract is not renewed in 2018.

Some residents are upset by the proposed locations, as is the Penobscot Indian Nation, which says putting a landfill in Argyle interferes with their tribe’s land claim.

“We may be able to still own it. We may be able to still live in it, but for all purposes it would basically render the land useless for the Penobscot people without being able to bring those cultural practices and our identity to those land sources that are so critical to rebuilding our nation,” says Chief Kirk Francis.

“We took a systematic look at the regulatory aspects that we would need to pay attention to and we accounted for those as we look at potential sites that could be viable to our project,” explains Greg Lounder, Executive Director with the MRC.

The DEP will decide if the proposed locations are suitable. The public meeting will continue tonight from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Old Town Elks Lodge.

To comment online, email project manager Karen Knuuti at

  • Shane Davis

    I hate to see a new landfill be created anywhere and I do hope all who are opposing this landfill are taking the necessary steps to prevent this and future landfills, its simple, RECYCLE. It takes a few extra minutes a week, but its worth it. My wife and I began recycling about a year ago. On trash night I used to haul 3 large trash barrels FULL of waste to the road side. Today we take up a quarter to half full trash bag roadside. It is truly amazing how waste full we used to be and how wasteful we are in general as a society. Bangors recycling center is free to the public, please take the time, its worth it to keep Maine beautiful.

  • Forestbeekeeper

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost, …