Oakland Motorcyclist Injured in Waterville Accident

Erica Stapleton

Updated 7 months ago

An Oakland motorcyclist is in the hospital with serious injuries after he was hit by a car in Waterville around 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

Police say Terry Duran, 38, was riding on Kennedy Memorial Drive when a vehicle turning into J & S Oil hit him.

Duran was not wearing a helmet and was thrown from the bike.

Police on scene say it appears he sustained a very serious head injury.

Duran was taken to a local hospital and then taken by Lifeflight to Eastern Maine Medical Center.

The driver of the car, Matthew Meserve, 38, was not injured.

State and Waterville Police are investigating.

  • Bradridge

    I hope he makes it.I think helmets save life`s a bit more then loud pipes.Wish more would wear them.

    • Hugh Jass

      How about retards in cars stop pulling in front of bikes! Second one in Waterswill this week! Enough about the f’ing helmets!

      • mainely_girl

        Listen buddy. Their a lot of srupid drivers out there. In cars AND on motorcycles. Ive been passed in break down lanes. Ive been cut off ive had them pull out in front of me. I think EVERY DRIVER needs to be more cautious.

        • Hugh Jass

          I’m not your buddy. And we’ve all met morons on the road in all vehicle types. But the stats on cars pulling in front of bikes they don’t see are pretty clear, so look them up before chastising me on my opinion.

  • Concern person

    Praying for him hope things go well for him and prayers out to his family.

  • Hugh Jass

    Get well soon brother and hope the shitesack in the car pays for his negligence!

  • kelticLadi

    they take their chances on a motorcycle, they know the dangrs, if they get hurt its their own frigging fault period.

    • Alexander Nadeau

      Terry is a good friend of mine . So if a car runs him over it is Terrys fault . The Jeep pulled in the path of Terry . So if you are jogging and a Jeep pulls into you and runs you over , that is your fault really ?

    • Hugh Jass

      Ok idiot, so if someone drifts drunk into your lane and kills you head on it’s your fault cause you knew the risks of driving. You are without a doubt the dolt of the year.