Family Celebrates Special Lineage Trend in Brewer 

A family in Brewer celebrated four birthdays today — but there’s a very unique twist.

“It’s amazing,” says Janice Farmer. “0, 30, 60, 90.  What families are blessed like that?”

That’s right.  This family tree has a thirty-year trend in the lineage. The birthdays are not on the exact same day, but the family says it’s still a year worth celebrating.

“I took off for work months ago because I flew up from Nashville and everyone in my company thought it was a big joke when I sent it out,” says Alex Farmer.  “I was like ‘I’m going up its my 30th, my moms 60th and my grandparents 90th and they’re all like ha ha did you plan that?'”

A question the family ponders, as well.

“I think it’s just in the family genes,” Alex adds.  “Its just what we do here. Thomas genes.”

“I have no idea,” her mother Janice responds to the question.  “Mandy’s expecting, so she’s keeping the tradition alive. The next one I’ll be the 90-year-old,  Alex will be the 60-year-old and the little baby who isn’t here yet will be the 30-year-old. Isn’t that wild?”

The eldest in the bunch have passed many milestones, and there’s always one thing in common.

“We’ve done everything with our family,” says Ella Thomas, who is turning 90 with her husband Jim. “We work well together, we love each other and we even like each other, so we have great times.”