Bakers Prepare For Upcoming Whoopie Pie Festival in Dover-Foxcroft 

“Why not a whoopie pie festival?” asks Patrick Myers.

Myers is the organizer of the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival.

“It brings a lot of people to town who might have never been here before, it gives us a chance to show off our downtown to a wider community, and it’s just a fun time for people to indulge a little bit and enjoy our whoopie pies.”

Bakers are spending hours in the kitchen preparing for the state’s 5th annual festival.

“It’s the first time for me,” says , Sue Bartely, who’s baking with the United Methodist Church in Dover-Foxcroft.  “I have a neighbor; we’re using her family recipes, so for me it’s been a lot of fun.”

Sweetie pie is the official festival mascot.  She’ll be around as festival goers try different flavors.

“Vanilla with chocolate filling.  Chocolate with moxie.  These are a peppermint,” Bartely tells.

“Bakers always come up with amazing new creations because they kind of want to show them off and see what people like,” Myers adds.  “It’s always a surprise.”

Some bakers have perfected their recipes.

“We won with the Paul Bunyan in 2012 and last year, in 2013, we won with the traditional whoopie pie,” says Jim who bakes for Cupcakes ETC with his family.  “The filling is mainly the secret, it’s a traditional whoopie pie filling.”

Bakers are judged on flavor, novelty and other categories. They say there are perks to baking for the masses.

“A very big spike in business,” Chastenay says.  “A very good opportunity for any baker who would want to do it.”

But mostly people can’t resist the whoopie goodness.

“It has a lot to do with childhood in Maine,” Myers explains.  “You see those whoopie pies on the counter and you really want one and it’s such a treat when you get one.  So, now when you get a chance to come to Dover-Foxcroft and see dozens of bakers over 20-thousand whoopie pies, I mean,  it’s magical.”

The festival is tomorrow (Saturday, June 28th) — for more information check out the festival website.