Child Welfare Conference in Orono focuses on Mental Illness in Parents

Erica Stapleton

Updated 7 months ago

Mental illness in parents was front and center at a Child Welfare conference at U-Maine in Orono Thursday.

Child welfare professionals were there to learn about potential risk factors impacting the well-being of children.

Conference organizers say many in the field don’t know where to draw the line when it involves a parent with a mental illness.

They say understanding illnesses and looking for red flags are all part of keeping children safe.

“While it’s talked about, there are always those little risk factors out there that the workers don’t know how to address,” explains Ron Gastia, on the conference committee.  “They don’t know when it rises to that level of putting a child at risk.”

“We have days like this where we bring in speakers from other places who lend a different voice and a different set of experience, a different set of examples to help the professionals who are on the front line in making these decisions and making these assessments on a daily basis,” says Mark Mason, social worker at EMMC.  “We want them to be as prepared as possible.”

Today’s workshop topics included domestic abuse and child maltreatment.

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    Of course they fail to mention Logan Marr, murdered by a social worker in forty-two feet of duct tape recommended by a psychologist. Taken from a loving, safe home by a corrupt social worker.

    The article said Diane Tennies a Forensic Psychologist was their brain washing them. She can’t be that good not to realize she was looking at 266 of the most corrupt, unethical social workers in the country. All of whom need mental evaluations themselves.

    Social workers are forging documents, creating false intakes, use trickery, fictitious pictures of danger, threatening and coercion, abuse of power and control, shredding evidence, braking statutes, polices, procedures, manipulation, embellishing, and the list goes on and on. Maybe they are having periods of psychosis? They are like domestic terrorists. My opinion. :)

    Mental illness is not evidence based. Go to CCHR and watch the videos.

    They are pushing it because it’s the only diagnosis where they can take control and possession of you and your family. Plus they get paid higher reimbursements from insurance companies and federal funds. Go look up free Justina.

    What’s being done to stop medical doctors who are patient predators whom are using and abusing child protective services to cure legal worries and medical malpractice?

    They only have to label you with those two words, “mental illness”. They don’t have to define it. It’s based off criticism, sanctimonious judgements, and ridicule. An opinion.

    People should be scared, this is very dangerous. Look at how many Lyme patients have been misdiagnosed? Now the state department can label you mental ill and take your liberties away.. Look up Medical Kidnapping. If you disagree with a teacher, doctor, or complain about receiving poor medical care; puff your child gone!

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      Never let them in your home without a warrant and video tape everything. They are suppose to ask if they can open a case on your family, but they don’t. Tell them “no”. 10x more abuse on all levels in foster are than parent care. Good luck. If you ever need help go to legally kidnapped on FB.