Bangor Council Approves Budget, Additional Cuts to Library 

Bangor city councilors approved a budget Monday that will raise property taxes by an estimated 4.8%.

Councilors James Gallant and David Nealley voted against the budget.

Nealley did so in protest on decisions in Augusta and Washington, DC that he says are responsible for the financial struggles of many municipalities.

Councilor Gallant thought the council could’ve dug deeper to find other areas to trim.

About one-million dollars was cut from the budget since the city manager first presented it to the council in April.

Local leaders say the tax increase is due, in large part, to the reduction of state revenue sharing and an in increase in mandated expenses.

At Monday’s meeting, councilors accepted an amendment cutting cut an additional $14,580 from the Bangor Public Library’s budget.

Lee Chick, President of the library’s board of directors, argued, “The fourteen thousand would be used to fund the cost of living increase that many other city departments will be receiving.”

Councilor James Gallant said, “When I have something in front of me that goes over which trees to put in to a café or whatever design we’re looking at, at one of our last meetings, it comes to mind that, are we really in need of that 14-thousand dollars.”

Councilors also approved an agreement with Waterfront Concerts that shifts the cost of upkeep and maintenance to the venue, rather than the city.