Camp Capella Opens For 2014 Summer Season 

In 2008 Camp Capella reopened after three years of being shutdown.

Now the camp for kids, teens and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities is open for the summer again, and this year they had to expand and add an additional week.

“We’re back at the first day of camp,” said Camp Capella Executive Director Dana Mosher. “And when you see these guys come in to camp, laughing and big smiles, excited about coming back to ‘their camp’ then you know what this place is about.”

“It means a lot you know,” said Tom Mousseau who has been coming to the camp since he was five. “I really enjoy coming out and spending the day here! it’s just a lot of fun.”

Fellow camper Shawn Wood agreed “I think about it all year long, I think to myself, I can’t wait til I get back to camp.”

This week about 20 adult campers are back at Camp Capella on Phillips Lake in Dedham.

“We’ve had an increased demand for adults being able to come to camp,” said Mosher. “Last year we had a waiting list for adults coming to camp, we couldn’t accommodate all of them, so this year we created a new week, an additional week for adults and so we, with snow days the way it is, we said we’ll bring the adults on the first week and we’ll have adults the last week.”

Many of the adults started off as kid campers and have kept coming year after year, including the 37 year old Wood from Machias. “I’ve been coming here since I was 8 years old, but I had to stop for awhile cause this place shut down for a little while.”

“They’ve been coming here to this camp since they were like 5 and 8 and 9 so being able to come back, they grew up here, they grew up at this camp,” said Mosher “When we say ‘Memories for a lifetime, this is the group we’re talking about.”

There are a trio of fund raisers to benefit Camp Capella this week.

WWMJ, I-95 radio has a radio-thon planned for Friday.

Saturday is the Classic Car drive from Brewer to Ellsworth.

And Sunday a golf tournament to benefit the camp will be held a Lucerne Golf Course.

For more information call 843-5104.