Brooks Historical Society Museum Holds Open House 

People in Brooks had the chance to learn about their heritage today.

The Brooks Historical Society Museum held a special open house this afternoon.

Since 2005 the museum has been located in a historic home on Route 7.

Members of the public had the chance to explore exhibits showcasing life in Brooks through the centuries, from period clothing to old photos to a button collection.

There were also free silhouettes done by local artist Kim Jacobs.

“It’s important when you live in a small town to know the history of your town because if you don’t know the history, how do you know where you’re going from here? It’s good to know what’s happened way back, and who the people were that founded our town and helped build it for what it is today,” said the historical society’s director, Betty Littlefield.

If you missed today’s open house, don’t worry–there will be another one on August 17th.