UMaine Professor, Beloved to Many, Dies at 76

Updated 7 months ago

The University of Maine community is mourning the loss of a beloved professor.

Officials say Associate Professor of Theatre Sandra Hardy passed away yesterday in Connecticut.

During her 26 year career at UMaine, Hardy taught acting and literature of the theatre, as well as drama in education.

She directed many productions including her final musical, “Grease,” this past February.

Sandra Hardy was 76.

  • Elena DeSiervo Burns

    Sandra is one-of-kind. She left a lasting impression with more people than can be imagined and influenced all of our lives in such a positive way. I feel so blessed to have had her direction and wisdom for so many years. Only once in a lifetime (if one can be so lucky!) does an teacher like her touch one’s life.

  • BPorter

    Sandra impacted more students than we will ever know. Though she will be missed, her legacy will live on though the knowledge, passion, and skill that she saw in and drew out from everyone who worked or learned under her. There is solace in that.

  • Telly Coolong

    Sandra Hardy was, to many, a difficult and demanding woman. To me, Sandra Hardy was a difficult and demanding woman. And that is why I loved her. I walked into the Pavilion Theatre back in 1998 expecting to be taught the fundamentals of characterization. I learned how to act, but more importantly, I learned how to live. Through her classes, her one-on-one meetings with me, and a ride to and from Boston together, I got to see past the hard exterior and glimpse the love that dwelt within for her students… her friends… her children. When I look back at Sandra, I don’t see a hard-as-nails woman who never was satisfied with what she saw. I remember a woman who knew you were capable of more and wanted to see it. Thank you for that life lesson, Sandra. Your lessons live on in all I do.