Tiger Triplets Born In Mt. Vernon Animal Sanctuary 

We first showed you Makeena back in 2011 when she was just a baby and a newcomer to the D.E.W. Animal Kingdom and Sanctuary. Now she’s a full grown adult and 12 days ago, Makeena became a mother to triplets. Two of them are white like their mother the other is orange and black like their father Tritan.

“3 years old right now and he’s a proud daddy,” says D.E.W. Animal Kingdom and Sanctuary founder Bob Miner.

They’re believed to be the first bengal tigers ever born in Maine. Tritan, Makeena and their pride and joy are the biggest attraction in a place that has no shortage of things to see.

“Same as when we got Makeena in as a baby that white tiger thing. I don’t know what it is but people are just a magnet to it. Any baby people are a magnet to but tiger babies, oh there’s something special there,” Miner said.

It was a tough winter for most Mainers but especially the folks at D.E.W. They lost their hyena, Madeena, and crowd favorite Eddy the camel who passed away after an issue with his stomach.

But the future here has been reborn with the arrival of the tiger cubs who aren’t the only new additions around here. There’s baby alpacas, goats, piglets and more than 200 other animals. Miner founded this non-profit sanctuary 30 years ago when he discovered the animals were helping him cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from his service in Vietnam. He now spends his days dazzling the crowds here by getting up close and personal with animals most of us would consider beautiful but dangerous.

The tiger cubs will only be here until July 5 when they’ll be moved to their permanent homes at another USDA approved facility. those locations are not being made public yet.