All Aboard! Bucksport Added as American Cruise Lines Stop 

All aboard in Bucksport! American Cruise Lines has added the coastal town as a stop on New England tours.

“We have everything that anybody can offer New England from a mill to a movie theater, ice cream shop, great restaurants,” says new Town Manager Derik Goodine.

Bucksport used to be a regular spot for the cruise line, but routes changed a few years back. Town officials say adding it back as a destination was a smart move.

“It’s fantastic to have them back again. They’ve had an absence,” says Leslie Wombacher, Executive Director for the Bucksport Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.  “What they’ve figured out is we truly are a great jumping in point because we are so very centrally located. They can do their bus services; they can do day trips out of here. And there’s just enough here in town for when they come back – they can walk around get an ice cream, visit a gift shop, eat dinner on our Main Street. It’s great.  It works out great for them and for us.”

The expected spike in tourists will help local businesses thrive. The plan is to keep visitors coming back.

“Definitely part of a strategy that I will want to build is to promote this,” Goodine says. “I’ve already explained it to a few people that asked ‘Why Bucksport?’ And I’m like, well its a safe harbor on a windy rough sea and plus, look at the view behind us, not just of the boat but of the fort and the bridge. It’s great. It’s the best of New England to me.”

“They can remember when they came to this little town in Maine, somebody cared,” Wombacher adds.