68th Session of Dirigo Girls State Comes to a Close 

Girls all across the state have been at Husson for the last week.

They’ve been part of program that’s nearly seven decades old in Maine.

“It’s been an absolute amazing experience getting to do this,” said Hannah Craig, an Ellsworth senior.

This experience isn’t one that everyone gets in Maine, either.

It’s the 68th group of young ladies that have gathered at Dirigo Girls State.

They were nominated by their schools and local organizations to learn the ins and outs of the US government.

Along with an interactive educational experience, strong connections are formed here, too.

“I’ve made a lot of friends, which was probably the biggest thing. It kind of opened my eyes to politics that I really never understood before. So, that was probably another plus. We were told that after this week we’d be a few steps ahead of many adults, just on the government part,” said Aricka Brochu, a Cony High School senior.

“Bringing in such a large group of girls from different areas you have no choice but to learn to cope with others and you make really strong bonds,” said Craig.

Those bonds are also felt by the women overseeing the program.  Adriann Tucker has been coming back for the last 45 years.

“I think that’s a big part of what brings me back year after year is the counselors, because yeah, some of them have been here since I started,” said Tucker.

As the week comes to a close dozens of young female voices will head into their senior year with new skills and friendships that could last a lifetime.

“This experience has taught me that you can overcome any adversity raft you choose so long as you truly believe it in your heart and that as with leadership qualities, it will help set up for your life to give you a head start into where you want to go,” said Craig.