Transfer Station Worker Rescues Baby Kittens 

A volunteer worker at a transfer station in Rockland is being called a hero for giving some baby kittens a second chance.

Steven Gregoire was going about his duties at the Rockland transfer station Wednesday when he heard something unusual.

“I heard a little noise that sounded like a bunch of little baby birds at first, but it turned out to be like a meow, so I walked over to kind of investigate,” said Gregoire.

Turns out there were six kittens stuck behind an electrical panel.

“This is where they were. I found the first one on the ground right here, and the other five were tucked in a cubby hole behind this high voltage right here,” said Gregoire.

So he pulled them out, one by one.

“They were just like little tiny, the size of my hand. And they were just all cute. I played with them, and I brought them there and the lady took them from there,” said Gregoire.

That lady was Sharon Spaulding of Thomaston.

“He said to me do you want a kitten, and I said no, I’ve got three cats at home. I said get me a box, get me some rags, I’ll take them over,” said Spaulding.

She brought them to the local humane society, where another miracle began.

These kittens came here without a mom, but when they met Mittens here, they latched on, literally. Mittens had just given birth to kittens of her own, and now she’s breastfeeding these new kittens.

Mittens herself is recovering from a gunshot wound, but gracious enough to host a new family.

“Often times when mama cats are lactating, there is a window of opportunity where that motherly instinct will take over regardless. And we are fortunate enough to still be in that window,” said Tracy Sala, Executive Director of the Pope Memorial Humane Society for Knox County.

So the kittens, who looked malnourished a day ago…

“They’re doing well. Hopefully they’ll continue to grow and thrive,” said Sala.

As for Gregoire, he and his wife have a little adoption in the works.

“The one I want is a little black one. He’s super cute and I think he’s the little alpha of the pack, so I am excited to have him,” said Gregoire.

“Hopefully it’s going to be a happy ending for all the kittens. Six adorable little kittens,” said Spaulding.