3 Tiger Cubs Born At Animal Sanctuary 

MOUNT VERNON, Maine (AP) — Three tiger cubs have been born at a Maine wildlife sanctuary.

The Portland Press Herald reports that the cubs were born June 8 at the Domestic, Exotic and Wild Animal Kingdom & Sanctuary, a 42-acre farm in Mount Vernon that is home to more than 200 animals. The sanctuary was founded in 1980 by Bob Miner and is now run as a nonprofit.

The two male cubs are white like their mother, a white-and-brown striped Bengal tiger. The female cub has an orange tinge and looks more like her father.

The farm’s website says other animals at the site include a black leopard, a cougar, a yak, a camel, a black bear, spider monkeys and an alligator.

In about a month, each cub will be handed over to another institution.


Information from: Portland Press Herald,