Sangerville Celebrates 200th Birthday 

The town of Sangerville pulled out all the stops for its bicentennial.

“To bring the community together and to recognize that we all have the same history,” said bicentennial co-chair Pamela Smith.

From a special performance by Elvis–well, sort of–to a barbecue at town hall.

There were horse and carriage rides, and plenty of fun for the kids-all free.

But truly, Saturday was all about celebrating history.

“Initially this was called Amestown, because the first families were the Ames, Phineas Ames. And about 1814 is when there were 40 families living here, and Colonel Sanger, the guy from Massachusetts, who bought up the rest of the property rights,” said Sangerville Town Manager Dave Pearson.

Locals say it’s important for small towns to mark occasions like this, in part to help young people understand the rich history they’re a part of.

“We wanted to make sure that this younger generation realize that they really are our future,” said bicentennial co-chair Kathy Starbird.

“It builds a lot of identity with the community, and makes those generational links into the past, it’s wonderful. Wonderful for everybody,” said Paul Stearns of Guilford.

Even if the weather didn’t exactly cooperate.

“Just seeing the people come out and having a good time, community, means a lot,” said Roberta Thomas of Guilford.

Celebrating community, and connecting past, present and future.

“It was a wild place 200 years ago. It’s still a little wild today. We’re not that far removed from the history here. The history is living all around us,” said Pearson.