Four Charged With Burglary in Washington County

Updated 8 months ago

Police in Washington County say a call from an assault victim resulted in four arrests.

Police say a woman in Lubec told them 31 year old Jason Hawkins of East Machias had struck her in the face. She also said Hawkins had been part of a burglary at the home next door.

A deputy stopped a vehicle matching the description given by the woman and arrested Hawkins for  assault and burglary.

Further investigation led deputies to an additional burglary and the arrests of three other men.

38 year old Joshua Lanning of Bangor, 19 year old Robert Grant of East Machias, and 19 year old Patrick Hatch of Trescott are all charged with burglary.

Deputies say some items are still unaccounted for, including a pistol. Anyone with information can contact the Sheriff’s Office at 255-8308.

  • Pamela J Phillips

    About time they got Hatch!!!

  • Kisha Renee Dennison

    It always catches up with ya…… :/

  • Judith Legendre

    They need to dig deeper I know one female if you want to call her that ….who steals every one blind and she has one Walmart charge now ….I have never seen her come out of a store without her pockets full…

  • TrueNative