Lubec Man Accused of Killing Son Waits for Trial Date

Catherine Pegram

Updated 8 months ago

A man from Lubec accused of killing his 12-year-old son could find out next month when he’ll go on trial.

44-year-old Edward Smith is charged with manslaughter, endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated furnishing of scheduled drugs.

His adopted son, Aloric, died more than two years ago.

Assistant Attorney General Leanne Robbin says Aloric had diabetes and died when his father failed to provide medical care for him.

She says Smith also illegally gave his son Valium.

Smith’s lawyer says his client was a good father and did the best he could for his son.

Smith was arrested in Missouri last fall.

He remains in the Washington County jail on $5,000 bail.

A trial date could be determined for his case in July.

  • pame51

    He could give him Valium but not proper medical care, good father doesn’t come to mind. Sad

  • justanopinion79

    is he related to donnie smith?????

    • olderandmellow

      No. He’s actually from out of state. Massachusetts, I think.

      • kateydidit

        Edward Smith lived in Lubec Maine, fled to Missouri when he thought he might get in trouble. No, he’s not related to Donny. He let that little boy go weeks without taking him to a doctor when he came down with the flu- the child had type one diabetes. Gave him Valium to put him to sleep the night he died. His mother was in Brockton Mass. for medical reasons. When the mother asked to speak with him on the phone the night before, Smith lied and the child was sleeping, and the doctor said he was fine. Yes. Dad of the year.

      • justanopinion79

        thank you for telling me that just no a lot of people from that area my mom was born in Lubec n i was in Machias

    • justanopinion79

      oh i was just wondering

      • justanopinion79

        it is

    • Elaine Parker

      I am from Lubec as well its so sad for what he done to that lil boy