Bangor Police Searching for Car Thief

Joy Hollowell

Updated 8 months ago

Bangor police are searching for a suspected car thief after he led officers on a high speed chase.

Officers were called to the Ramada Inn on Odlin Road around 7:45 p.m. Monday night.  According to police, a hotel guest went into the lobby to check in, and left his car unlocked with the keys inside. When he came back out, his vehicle was heading onto Route 2.

A Penobscot County Sheriff’s deputy later spotted the car near Dysarts in Hermon. But the driver wouldn’t stop.

He eventually ended up crashing the car in Etna. Police say the driver took off into the woods and has not been seen since.

We’re told the car had just minor damage to the bumper.

  • RickGoodell

    …And then he proceeded to steal my truck from our house on Route 2 in Etna, after helping himself to the contents from my neighbor’s truck.

  • happygirl

    I never, ever leave my car unlocked, not even at my house and I live in the middle of nowhere! Always take your keys out of your vehicle and lock it everywhere, even if you’re running into somewhere for only a couple minutes. It’s sad to say, but trust no one! Things aren’t the way they used to be years ago unfortunately!