New Walking Stick Tradition 

Memorial day began for many with the annual parade down Main Street in Bangor.

Members of the Armed Forces were greeted with cheers and thank you’s as they marched through downtown.

Veterans of World War Two, the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Global War on Terror proudly held their walking sticks.

Matthew Stupakewicz marked a new tradition at the parade.

“I’m carrying my Dad’s cane with the World War Two veterans in honor of him,” says Stupakewicz. “We lost him last January. He hasn’t missed a parade in a very long time.”

Family members of deceased World War Two veterans can now march with their loved ones walking sticks in Bangor’s parades.

Galen Cole, founder of the Cole Land Transportation Museum, says a discussion will be held this summer to decide if Korean and Vietnam war veterans that have passed, should also be included.