National Guard Hosts Arctic Climate Change Symposium 

The Maine National Guard played host to a symposium Wednesday on the impact of climate change in the Arctic.

The event brought together military, political, economic and academic leaders to discuss challenges as well as opportunities presented by the diminishment of sea ice in the Arctic.

Some say it could lead to the opening up of new trade routes between Maine, Greenland and Europe…

“One of the things that might happen is the shipping routes through the North Pole would start opening up and Maine would be kind of the last stop on the East Coast in the United States for any ships that want to use this polar route,” said George Markowski, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Maine.

“There are certain geopolitical as well as military issues that are going on in the High North, and we’ve participated in them already with the Canadians and this is where we can find relevancy,” said Lieutenant Colonel Darryl Lyon of the Maine Army National Guard.

Experts say it’s important to note that climate change has many negative ramifications and we should all take steps to lessen its impact.