Bangor Fire Fighters Want Fundraising Policy Changed

Wayne Harvey

Updated 8 months ago

Bangor firefighters met with their Chief Friday to discuss plans for an annual fundraiser for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

They didn’t like what they were told.

“The Chief was not responsive to speaking about this at all, he decided, he gave a verbal order that, there would be no use of any personnel, apparatus, anything to do with Bangor Fire Department, if the Union of Bangor professional Fire Fighters wanted to do anything that was their choice.” John York, The Bangor Professional Fire Fighters Union President believes this will impact how much money they can collect for MDA and Jerry’s Kids. “Everybody is familiar with our fundraiser we do on Black Friday, that particular one we use the heavy rescue, we use our turnout gear, for safety reasons, we use the boots, we can still use the boots to fill for the MDA but we’d just be doing it off duty.”

Monday morning members of the Union held a meeting with the City Manager to discuss the order given by Chief Lucas.

“At this time we are looking into the issue, we’ve met and talked with the Union,” said Catherine Conlow the Bangor City Manager. “I have to get ahold of the Chief, he’s away for the weekend, we’ll talk with him and have a better answer either tomorrow or Wednesday, but we’re looking into the issue.”

Based on the verbal order the fire fighters can still collect donations, but just not in uniform, not with fire equipment there, and not while they are on duty.

“We’ll be impacted cause we won’t have the showboat if you will, you know the piece of fire apparatus sitting there, uniforms, you know we’ll just have to make sure we’re in our own Union sweatshirts or T-shirts and that kind of thing so there’s some things that we’ve got to work through,” said York.

Conlow expects to have a decision if this verbal order will stand by the end of the week.

  • Mike Haynes

    Hmmmm, I can not remember one job that would allow me to participate in a fund raiser while in uniform and on duty(tax payer funded) and to use a first response vehicle for the purpose of attracting attention. You want to raise funds? Do it in your dress uniform with a safety vest, use an antique fire truck that is not in active use and do it on your OWN time, not while on duty. Just my opinion

  • Chris Kulbe

    The vast majority of the time here is off-duty. Duty crews sometimes help out if not inhibited by calls, training, etc. daily department activities are not affected or shaped by this fundraising. Having apparatus present is helpful as they give us recognition, helping to identify us as firefighters and not scammers. We appreciate all of the community support in this and all of our other fundraisers.

  • Don Guptill

    I think the chief has to change his mind.He is now in Maine and we do things different.
    The fire trucks being used are on duty and can go when called if needed.More often get to call quicker than leaving the station.This has been a success for years DONT SPOIL IT NOW

  • Nanny State

    I wonder who is going to be liable when one of these off duty firefighters dressed in Bangor firefighting gear gets hit by a car while out filling the boot in traffic……….lawsuit against the fire dept? the city? work comp claim?

  • Law_n_DisOrder

    Seems the chief is not a fan of the union……. Doesn’t hurt anything is puts a positive image on the Department