Accused Man Blames Co-defendant In Murder Trial 

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — One of two men accused of killing three people and burning their bodies after a drug dispute in Bangor, Maine, has blamed all three murders on his co-defendant in his testimony.

Prosecutors say Nicholas Sexton of Warwick, Rhode Island, and Randall Daluz, of Brockton, Massachusetts, shot and killed the victims.

Sexton testified that Daluz shot the victims, two while driving near Orono, one while parked on a dirt road in Hermon. Sexton also testified Daluz ordered him to burn the car in Bangor.

The men are on trial in connection with the 2012 shootings.

Daluz’s defense team is expected to present its case after Sexton’s defense rests, possibly Wednesday.

The victims were 24-year-old Nicolle Lugdon of Eddington, 26-year-old Daniel Borders of Hermon, and 28-year-old Lucas Tuscano of Bradford.